Winnipeg Has a Homeless Cat Crisis – Our Mission is to Help

stop-homeless-cat-crisisthe-look-on-his-faceWinnipeg has a homeless cat crisis. Thousands of healthy, adoptable cats are being put to death (euthanized) by the Humane Society and Animal Control each year.  Their only crime was that they didn’t have a home. And that’s because humans let them down.

Worse yet, it is estimated that at any given time there are 50,000 to 100,000 homeless cats on the streets of Winnipeg. On any given winter day, many of them freeze to death; it is a horrific and extremely painful way for them to die.

Thousands of others are what we refer to as “throwaways” – the ones that get dumped out of cars, left behind when owners move, thrown out to fend for themselves, or given away on Kijiji to anyone who will take them (and often those who take them have inhumane intentions for them – a problem many people are not aware of).

help-us-help-themCats Need Care is a small grass-roots movement whose mission it is to improve the homeless cat crisis in Winnipeg and surrounding area. In addition to other things we do, we operate a small private foster network to help take the burden off the shelters that are already bursting at the seams and often unable to take in and care for additional cats. We work to find well-screened, responsible, forever homes for the cats in our foster network – permanent, loving homes where they will be cherished and adored.   We do this through veterinary clinics, specialty pet food stores, networking, community out reach,social media shares and a small amount of advertising.

cats-in-the-coldWe are not a non-profit organization or a registered charity (yet!), and we do not seek monetary donations. But we do gratefully welcome donations of your time, love, and compassion if you can provide a temporary foster home to a cat in desperate need. And we also gratefully accept your donations of food or litter for the cats in our foster care network. You can also sponsor a spay (or neuter) whereby you pay for the cost of fixing one of the cats in our care by making your payment directly to the veterinarians doing spays and neuters for the cats in our network.

Please also read this page, to understand more about the cat crisis in Winnipeg, what we’re trying to do to help, and why your help is so desperately needed.

Our primary focus at the current time is on providing support and assistance to those attempting to house, care for and rescue homeless cats, to building out our own foster and adoption network so more cats can be saved; and to educating the public about the homeless cat crisis and what they can do to help.

change-the-world-for-animals-300x300If you genuinely care about the tragic epidemic of homeless cats in the city of Winnipeg (and surrounding area), please message us with your name, email address and phone number so we can get in touch, keep you informed and let you know how you can get involved. If those of us who care come together, we really can make a difference. There are so many ways you can help, and it doesn’t involve donating money.  Along the way, you might even make some new friends – other kind-hearted, compassionate people who care about cats as much as you!

Whether you want to simply learn more about the problem, the progress, and what we are doing to improve the situation for homeless cats, or if you would like to be involved, even if just in some small way, in improving the situation for homeless cats, please get in touch!

Together we can make a difference for the most helpless among us.


Please Watch These 2 Videos About Winnipeg’s Homeless Cat Crisis:

Winnipeg’s Stray Cat Problem

Over 50,000 homeless cats wander the streets of Winnipeg, starving and freezing. Shelters are at capacity and the city is at a loss as to how to deal with the problem. But a number of dedicated cat lovers are doing all they can to protect these abandoned animals.

Strays: Winnipeg’s Cat Problem: A short documentary from Sandy Klowak on Vimeo.


Winnipeg’s Homeless Cat Problem Was Featured on Animal Planet – Take a Look at the Video:

Do you know how many stray cats have been let down by humans and end up suffering alone on the streets of Winnipeg? The numbers will shock and anger you… Watch this Animal Planet video for a look into the life of someone who has devoted her entire life to helping those that can not help themselves.

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